American Lung Association

A voluntary health organization, the American Lung Association was founded more than hundred years ago in 1904. The main reason for the organization that led to its formation was to fight against tuberculosis. At that time, the organization was called the National Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis. It was founded by Edward Livingston Trudeau and Dr. Lawrence Flick.

The organization aims at fighting for better lung health for everyone. Therefore the fight includes looking at the various aspects that cause air pollution and leave the air unfit to breathe. Pollution, smoking, gases from factories and other pollutants are a key concern of the organization.

The organization is headed and managed by a Board of Directors, which is also the governing body. This body is responsible for providing a strategic direction to the various people who work in the many chapters that exist. The American Lung Association funds research to find treatments and methods of prevention of various lung diseases. These researches impact more than 33 million Americans who have some kind of a lung condition that needs medical care. Childhood Asthma is another area that the association fights against. Since the condition affects more than 6 million children in the country, it can be classified as one of the leading chronic illness. There are nurses that have been deployed in various schools to ensure the good health of children who need help with this condition. The Asthma Clinical Research Centers conduct large scale researches and trials to find ways and means of curing and preventing diseases that are currently not curable completely.

There are also various annual reports that the organization publishes each year. These include the State of the Air report, the State of Tobacco Control report, Lung Disease Data, the State Legislated Action on Tobacco Issues report, the Research Awards Nationwide report, the State Smoking Cessation report and other reports too.


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